McQuaid Jesuit


McQuaid Jesuit students are to be neatly attired and groomed. By maintaining a neat appearance, students symbolically demonstrate cooperation, respect and self-control – all hallmarks of discipline within Jesuit schools. Furthermore, a neat appearance reflects the importance of and value placed on a serious learning environment.

Students are to arrive at and to depart from McQuaid Jesuit dressed in appropriate dress pants, a dress shirt and socks. Dress shoes, ties and suit coats may be left in lockers during non-school hours. Students arriving to school before homeroom or waiting to leave school in the afternoon must keep their shirts tucked in and buttoned. Students arriving or departing with a sloppy appearance are subject to JUG.

Dress shoes, suit coats, and ties are to be worn during the entire school day (entrance into homeroom until the end of afternoon announcements). All clothing must be clean, well kept, properly fitted and properly worn. Technical fulfillment of the dress code with a sloppy appearance is unacceptable. Determination of “sloppy” appearance is reserved to the dean. Students out of the building during the school day will maintain dress code for any school-affiliated event, unless given permission for alternate dress by the dean or teacher supervising the activity.


Hairstyles should be well groomed and evenly trimmed. Determination of appropriate hair length is reserved to the dean. Shaving any portion of the head above the natural hairline, fad hair styles (e.g., mohawks, cornrows, ponytails, dreadlocks) and dying of the hair are not permitted. Beards, moustaches, long sideburns and the like are not permitted. All students are to be clean-shaven each day they attend school. Students arriving at school with dyed hair or any of the aforementioned infractions are subject to suspension from school until they comply with acceptable standards.

Extreme fashions in clothing or hairstyles are unacceptable. The dean will determine what constitutes “extreme.” If there are questions concerning the dress code or appropriateness of a hairstyle, students should consult the dean before acting.


Hats are not to be worn in the building and are to remain in the students' lockers. Students who do not adhere to this rule may receive JUG and have their hats confiscated and held by the dean. In addition, students are not to wear or to carry their outerwear coats in the building during the course of the normal school day.


Earrings of any kind are not to be worn at any time during a school day or any time when a student is representing McQuaid Jesuit in an official or approved activity. Because students will not be allowed to wear an earring in school at any time, they are not to have their ears pierced during the school year. Students who arrive at school with earrings that cannot easily be removed are subject to suspension from school until they comply with acceptable standards.

Pocket chains, fabric key holders and wallet chains are inappropriate dress wear and are not to be worn.

Students with dress code violations or a sloppy appearance are subject to JUG. Students who are given JUG should report to the dean’s office immediately to obtain a dress code pass. Serious and/or repeated violations of the dress code will result in a parent-administrator conference and possible probation for the student.

Dress Code (entrance into homeroom through dismissal from last class)

If a student has a tattoo, it must be fully covered during the school day and during any time the student is representing the school in either and official or unofficial capacity. A student with a tattoo visible during any of the above mentioned times may be sent home and suject to suspension and further disciplinary consequences.

 All final dress code interpretations/decisions are at the discretion of the dean of students.

Dress Down

On certain school days, the dean of students may grant “dress down” to the McQuaid Jesuit student body for any number of reasons, e.g., fund-raising reward, spirit day for athletic teams, etc. Below are some guidelines governing dress down if granted:

  • If wearing shorts, Bermuda Style Shorts – No cut-offs, bathing shorts or “short shorts.” Pajama Bottoms are also not allowed. During regular dress-down, shoes or sneakers and socks must be worn. No stained, torn or dirty attire of any kind.
  • No tank tops without undershirts
  • No shirts with inappropriate sayings or logos (including foul-language, alcohol or drug content or innuendo, or recognizable misspellings, e.g., FCKU).
  • No sleeveless shirts.
  • No low-slung pants – keep clothing waistline at “50-50.”
  • No hats, earrings or other normally prohibited jewelry
  • Students must be clean-shaven.
  • On designated “McQuaid Jesuit Spirit Days,” students must adhere to the above guidelines and wear some sort of McQuaid Jesuit apparel, preferably upper-wear, i.e., shirt or sweatshirt.

During the course of each athletic season or school activity, a team club or activity may request dress code modification to promote spirit and attendance at a game or event. Captains from each athletic team may meet with the dean of students (in advance) and request two dress code modifications of this type, one of which must be for the game designated for senior recognition. Additionally, teams or clubs may request a dress code modification for a “playoff” game or event. Clubs and groups may also meet with the dean (in advance) to discuss the specifics and duration of modified dress.

Absent notification from the dean, adherence to regular dress code is expected of all students each day.

Letter Sweaters

Students in all grades who have earned a McQuaid Jesuit letter (e.g., from a varsity sport, academic letter, letter from an academic team, etc.) may purchase a McQuaid Jesuit varsity letter sweater from the bookstore. The sweater may then be worn in place of a suit coat on normal school days. Students may purchase the varsity letter sweater only after obtaining and completing a permission slip from the dean of students’ office. Once this is completed, the sweater may be ordered from the McQuaid Jesuit Bookstore only. All Students should have a suit coat available for the Mass of the Holy Spirit and the Advent Liturgy.

Note: Only seniors may wear non-Varsity Letter Sweaters in lieu of suit coats. All students may wear them under their suit coat.