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The 3 1/2 Musketeers


Here is Alexandre Dumas' greatest swashbuckling novel turned inside out and the result is sheer musical hilarity. Darth Canyon, a country lad, dreams of becoming a King's Musketeer. In Paris, he joins up with three of the best: Armistice, Pothole and Applesauce. Because Darth Canyon is very short they decide to be known as "The 3 1/2 Musketeers." Soon Darth Canyon is smitten with one of the Queen's handmaidens, the lovely Custard. The Musketeers find themselves smack in the middle of a wild plot concocted by the evil Minister of State, Richelieu, and his number one spy, the devastatingly beautiful (and wicked) Countess De Whimper.