This committee oversees the Spiritual Events for the McQuaid Jesuit community. The Spiritual Committee plans the events and supports the volunteers. The co-chairs share the responsibility of attendance at all of these events and report at all Parents' Association meetings.

Committee Co-Chairs

Pam & Craig Cairns, P '06, '14, '16, '18, '21

Joanne & Dan Geen, '81, P '10, '18, '21

PA Sponsor

Kelly Darby, P '16, '19

Internal Liaisons

Nathan Drahms

Damian Zynda


Outdoor Welcome Liturgy A new tradition for the community: This wonderful Mass and potluck supper welcomes the entire McQuaid Jesuit community to the new academic year. August 28, 2016
Father Son Mass & Brunch Fathers and sons come together to celebrate Mass, share breakfast, and connect in a meaningful bond of brotherhood that is McQuaid. January 29, 2017
Mother Son Lenten Reflection Enjoy a quiet moment of solitude with your son during the busy Christmas season. This prayer service is meant to help mothers and sons bond while preparing for the true gift of the season. March 5, 2017


We are in need of two volunteers to assist Fr. Reiser in caring for our chapel linens on a bi-weekly basis during the school year. Laundering and ironing can be done at home and is a great way for someone to be involved. 

Polly Wilson, P '17, '19, '21

I Want to be a Chapel Linen Caretaker  (Spring Semester)


The Spiritual Committee is looking for men and women (couples welcome) to be 2016-17 volunteers to help throughout the year with events.  Volunteers also will help the co-chairs develop new ideas to assist with the spiritual growth of the McQuaid Jesuit community. Please help us by being a 

Spiritual Committee Volunteer!

Current Volunteers

Tom Darby, '78, P '16, '19
Margaret DelPlato, P '21
Liz & Kent Gilges, P '14, '16, '16, '21
Mary Salluzzo, P '18
Anne Smith, P '21
Tammy Strassburg, P '08, '10, '19