McQuaid Parents Association
Meeting Minutes
September 22, 2016

Called to order by Kelly McCarthy, with Father Salmon providing the opening prayer.

April ’16 minutes from last meeting approved.

President’s Report

  • Kelly McCarthy presented new format of the Parents Association (PA) structure, meeting schedule updated with one additional meeting this year.
  • Kim Campbell introduced the committees established and invited folks to review the new PA website and volunteer.
  • Alisia Chase - Explained the new PA website further, the FAQs, invitation for feedback, thoughts and needs. New email account established just for that reason, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Kelly McC – Presentation of each committee and their functions. Each one is supported by a McQ staff member and PA board member as liasons. Report for each committee given.

Middle School Report – given by Laura Cullen

Treasurer’s Report – given by Kelly Darby. Current starting balance is $3,644.45 which will support the numerous activities scheduled. Reimbursement process was reviewed and tax exempt forms are available if needed.

Social Committee Report

  • Chair – Ebony Dukes – Report given by Kelly McCarthy
  • Mother’s Tea is this Sunday. Registration closes tomorrow. Slight time change from last year, now 12-2pm.
  • Beer & Wine, Oct. 22nd, sign up is on the website.

Hospitality Committee Report

  • Chair - Nicole Sayers
  • A Co-Chair was requested and found at the meeting. Welcome Kathy Calcagno and Judy Pribe.

Education Committee Report

  • Chair - Cathy Buyer-Davis
  • Book Fair – New date, Sunday Nov. 27th

Spiritual Committee Report

  • Two McQ couples generously leading it, Mr. & Mrs. Geen along with Mr. & Mrs. Cairns
  • Mother-Son Reflection & Father-Son Mass both on the calendar.

Service Committee Report

  • Chair – Connie DiFelice and Lisa Courtney-Holmes
  • Mother’s For Others also now linked to the PA website. Our folks can follow along with this associated program. Moms and can also find ways to volunteer with their sons needing service hours.
  • Margaret Del Plato presented My Brothers Closet. Generously stocked with donations. Wonderful way to serve students in need. Need to determine the logistics of accepting new clothing donations this year. Ideas welcomed.

Co-Ed Student Events & Activities Committee Report

  • Chair – Melissa Teresi
  • Initial ideas presented to administration and Executive Council (seniors elected by Student Council) have been accepted.
  • Co-Ed dance scheduled for October 7th. Details still to be announced.
  • Students have also planned the Fall Fest. 4:30 – 6:30 @ Homecoming Sept. 30th. Includes a bon fire.
  • Brief discussion regarding this reintroduction and admin approving a dance. Very fragile ground that the students understand and appreciate as an opportunity to handle well and retain as a future privilege.

Communications Committee

  • Chair, Laurie Hazard introduced the Parent Ambassadors program. Many new families to McQ this year. Need existing families to call and welcome them, offer to answer any questions.

Final comments, thank you for coming, please volunteer.
Meeting adjourned. Wine poured.

Agenda for Parent’s Association Meeting – September 21, 2016 – 7pm in the Cafeteria
  1. Welcome to all Parents and Guardians to your McQuaid PA.
  2. Opening Prayer – Fr. Salmon
  3. Introductions of the Board, Moderator and Middle School Reps – 5 minutes
    a. Kim Campbell, Alisia Chase and Kelly McCarthy – Co-Presidents
    b. Cathy Tan – Vice President
    c. Kelly Darby – Treasurer
    d. Andi Balland – Secretary
  4. Moderator – Fr. Salmon
  5. Middle School Reps – Laura Cullen and Andi Balland – Report - 5 minutes
  6. Review Minutes from April 2016 PA meeting and Approve
  7. Treasurer’s Report – 5 minutes
  8. Introduce the New Structure of the Parents Association
    1. 7 Committees – 5-7 minutes per committee
      i. Social Committee – Chair: Ebony Dukes
      ii. Hospitality Committee – Chair: Nicole Sayers
      iii. Education Committee – Chair: Cathy Buyer Davis
      iv. Spiritual Committee – Chairs: Pam & Craig Cairns and Joanne & Dan Geen
      v. Service Committee – Chairs: Connie DiFelice and Lisa Courtney-Holmes
      vi. Co-Ed Student Activities Committee – Chair: Melissa Teresi
      vii. Communications Committee – Chair: Laurie Hazard
  9. Social – Mix and Mingle