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Page 7 VolunteersConnie DiFelice, P '19
Lisa Courtney-Holmes, P '17

2017 Honorees

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In 2014, Connie DiFelice, P '19 launched an idea to help new mothers at McQuaid meet one another. As a "Catholic school mom," she was accustomed to being a room parent, helping with lunch duty, and setting up student/teacher lunches. After her son, Frankie, started seventh grade at McQuaid, she realized how much she missed these opportunities and decided to create a way for McQuaid moms to socialize with one another while engaging in community service projects.

From Connie's vision, "Mothers for Others" was born. Monthly outings to local non-profit groups and charities matched the moms' skills with a number of activities, including sorting, sewing, cooking, building, and more. Mothers for Others enables the McQuaid community to develop a partnership with its neighbors, model service for students, and get to know their peers who are also engaged in raising their sons as McQuaid Knights.

Seeing the need to communicate the good work of Mothers for Others, Connie teamed up with Lisa Courtney-Holmes, P '17, to create a website defining, highlighting, and pictorializing all the great work Mothers for Others was accomplishing.

Thanks to Connie's and Lisa's great work during the past three years, Mothers for Others has participated in nearly two dozen projects at, among others, St. Peter's Kitchen, Saint's Place, Foodlink, Alternatives for Battered Women, Sanctuary Village, and Catholic Family Center. Connie and Lisa have created a community for McQuaid parents to demonstrate their talents, meet other people, and advocate for McQuaid, all while highlighting McQuaid's mission of being Men and Women for Others. For this work, they were honored at September's Hall of Fame dinner as Volunteers of the Year.