McQuaid Jesuit

Third Year Cohort  Formation

As the Spiritual Exercises form an Ignatian identity, Ignatian discernment is the interior compass that helps one live a uniquely Ignatian life.  Often mistaken as a “process,” for seeking where the Lord is calling, Ignatius was more interested in creating a person of discernment.  A person of discernment boldly asks Jesus what he desires and does it.  Given the complexity of our blessed and wounded human nature competing spirits (the Spirit of God and the enemy of human nature) conspire for our attention, making it difficult to determine the Lord’s invitation and deliberation of our deepest and most authentic desires.  Attention to knowledge of God and knowledge of self, reason and affect, prayer and experience help us find God in all things, and serve God with joyful generosity.    



At the conclusion of the third year the cohort will have comprehensive knowledge of the theology and process of discernment.  The cohort will work through a personal discernment process and demonstrate competency in the practice of Ignatian discernment.


The text to guide this phase of formation: God’s Voice Within by Mark Thibodeaux, SJ


The process of formation includes:

Monthly formation gatherings will include theology and process of discernmnet, case study and personal appropriation of discernment.  

  • Dates:  October 11, 2018, November 8, 2018; December 6, 2018;  January 10, 2019; February 14, 2019;  March 14, 2019; April 11, 2019; May 9, 2019
  • Time:    3:15-4:30 p.m.
  • Place:   Campus Ministry Conference Room in the Wegman STEM Center


  • Given the most effective way to learn discernment is to experience a discernment process, the members of this cohort will be led through a personal discernment
  • Sponsorship Review Day of Discernment, October 5, 2018
  • Staff one Kairos Retreat in the 2018-2019 Academic Year
  • Participation in the Liturgical Life of McQuaid Jesuit