McQuaid Jesuit

Fourth Year Cohort  Formation

Prepared with a firm foundation in Ignatian Studies, the Spiritual Exercises and discernment, the focus of this year’s formation is Jesuit Leadership.  Ignatius wanted men well prepared to boldly step into the frontiers of education, the arts and sciences, ecology, politics, economics and religion to influence learning and living with an eye toward developing the whole person, contributing to making the world more humane, and directing glory to God for God’s gifts to us through these avenues.  Women and men  of this cohort will be formed for leadership, fortified with the necessary tools that distinguish Jesuit leadership.   



At the conclusion of this year members of this cohort will understand the ethos and principles that distinguish a Jesuit leader.  Appropriating this year’s materials and experiences they will be led to discover, articulate and apply their findings to their unique area of responsibility at McQuaid Jesuit.


The text to guide leadership formation:

  • Selected writings from the Ratio Studiorum
  • Pedro Arrupe:  Essential Writings, Burke SJ
  • Principles of Ignatian Leadership by Byron & Connor, SJ,
  • General Congregation #36,”Reconciliation,”
  • “We Are Ambassadors for Christ” in Studies
  • “Contributing to an Ignatian Perspective on Leadership,” by Ronald Dufrense, Karin Botto and E. Springs Steele


The process of formation includes:

  • Five sessions led by each member of the cohort on an assigned aspect of Jesuit Leadership
  • Dates:  5/2 Second Floor Conference Room
  • Time:    3:00-4:15 PM


  • Each member of the cohort will create a project demonstrating competencies in Jesuit leadership within their particular area of expertise.  The project will be critiqued by other members of the cohort contributing to the final project. The final project will be presented to the McQuaid Jesuit professional community.
  • A two page paper reflecting on personal and professional growth through the project
  • Faculty retreat on February 16, 2018
  • Participate in the Liturgical Life of McQuaid Jesuit