McQuaid Jesuit


     The Theology of Virtue Ethics

       Presenter:  Joe Mulholland

Joe is on faculty in the Theology Department at McQuaid Jesuit.  He holds a BA in Theology from Notre Dame University and a MA  in Theology from Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.

      Tuesdays, March 6 and 13, 2018      3:15- 4:30 PM       Classroom 128

This two part series will explore how the philosophical theory of virtue ethics can inform our understanding of Christian discipleship. The program will begin with a brief background of Virtue Ethics, which contends that the most relevant element for ethical reflection is an individual’s personal character (rather than acts themselves, their consequences, or external laws). The program will then examine how this approach to ethics can inform Christian thought on issues such as sin, holiness, the afterlife, and discernment.