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MobileServe is McQuaid Jesuit's new online platform for tracking and reporting volunteer hours. Campus Ministry is in the process of transitioning fully to this platform. We hope this will simplify managing volunteer hours for everyone. All students, except the class of 2018, must sign up for this new system and should have received an email invitation at their McQuaid student email address. 

If possible, students should also download the MobileServe app from the Apple App store or Google Play. This app can be used on most smart phones and tablets and is available to be downloaded on all McQuaid issued iPads. If you would rather not use the mobile app, you can create and manage your MobileServe account from any internet-connected device on MobileServe's website. Below you will find instructions for creating your account.

Create your account with one of two ways:

Option A - use the code corresponding to your class year

1. Download and open the MobileServe app or go to their website and select Sign Up

2. Enter your name, birthday, and create a password. Skip the Employer/School box. Any account should be created under the name of a McQuaid Jesuit student, not their parents. If parents have multiple sons enrolled at McQuaid each son must have his own MobileServe account

3. Select Next 

4. Add an optional photo to your profile or you can skip this step

5. Select Next

6. Enter the six-digit code corresponding to your grade level:

Class of 2019 - E7DA29     Class of 2020 - 7C091F     Class of 2021 - F6E134

Class of 2022 - 270150    Class of 2023 - 739E23     Class of 2024 - 8CCA2A

7. Once you enter your class code select Join

Option B - Create your account from email invitation

1. Search your McQuaid student email inbox or "Junk" inbox for an email from "Team MobileServe"

2. Click Join Now

3. Click Sign Up and follow the steps above in Option A

4. Your grade's code will appear, click Join 

Once you have followed the above steps you should be able to access your account and start adding hours! If you have problems or questions check out MobileServe's support center or contact Patrick Flaherty in Campus Ministry (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 


MobileServe FAQs

My son's MobileServe account shows he has zero service hours but I know we have submitted hours. Why is this?

Currently your son's MobileServe account will not show the hours that were submitted through the old Magis system. All hours from the old system will be rolled over to the new system as soon as all McQuaid students in class years 2024 through 2019 have created an account. Until that time if you need to check how many total service hours your son has please have him stop by Campus Ministry for a print out of his hours. Also, please encourage your son and friends to sign up for MobileServe so we can roll over everyone's hours ASAP!

What are the steps for submitting hours through MobileServe?

The process for submitting hours is the same whether you are using the platform on a desktop or laptop or if you are accessing the platform through the app. You can check out MobileServe's website and watch the video "Easily Create and Verify Service Logs" to get a video demo on how to record hours. Step by step instructions are below:

You will be asked to input the total number of hours you volunteered. Then you will be asked for the name of the service organization you worked with. If you are doing some kind of volunteering for McQuaid Jesuit such as helping with BASH you can simply put 'McQuaid' down for the organization. You will be asked to select a category for the hours you are submitting from a menu of options. Please select the one that best fits the service you did. For example if you volunteered with House of Mercy you would select 'Option for the Poor' and if you volunteered at a nursing home or with the elderly you would select 'Life and Dignity of the Human Person.' *IMPORTANT* You must select one of the available categories in the 'Service Details' page. If no McQuaid Jesuit category is selected then service hours will appear on your account but not in the Mcquaid system and we will not be able to credit you with them* In the box marked Tell Your Story you can leave a description of the volunteering you did. Finally you will be asked to input a means to verify your hours either through a supervisor's email, signature, or by geo-verifying.

Do I have to get my son a smart phone to use MobileServe?

No, students do not need a smart phone to use the new system. Students can access MobileServe's website through any laptop, desktop, or internet connected device and they can download the MobileServe app to their McQuaid-issued iPads.

How do you verify hours through MobileServe?

There are three ways to verify service hours and all can be done through the app. If you are not using the app please get the name and contact email of the supervisor or volunteer coordinator your son worked with to submit online. You can choose to use all three options but we ask that you just provide us with at least one. First way is to report the name and contact email of the supervisor, volunteer coordinator, or staff person of the organization your son worked with. Second option using the app is you can get the signature of a supervisor or staff person. On the page for logging hours select Get Signature and a box will appear where a staff person can sign on your son's phone. And the third option is to geo-verify where you will select Attach My Location. This will drop a pin indicating your son's location that will only be visable to MobileServe or McQuaid Jesuit staff when we check submitted hours through the platform.