McQuaid Jesuit

McQuaid Jesuit holds within its care a unique and precious gift. It is the gift of more than 450 years of Jesuit education,
of seeing the world as an opportunity to discover the grandeur of God in everything that surrounds us,
and from that vision of forming young men who will set the world on fire.

This rich tradition of Jesuit education took root in Rochester, NY, more than 60 years ago. In its relatively brief history, the McQuaid Jesuit community has seen it all, and our unique Jesuit mission has served our students and our community through war and peace, prosperity and need, optimism and fear. More than 8,000 men are part of the McQuaid Jesuit alumni community, pursuing interests in business, art, education, government, religion, medicine, and non-profits, among other pursuits.

Responding to our strengths and challenges, and looking toward the future, McQuaid Jesuit is prepared to face the next 60 years of our service to the generations of young men God will give us. In June 2016, the Board of Trustees embraced an aggressive vision for our school by approving the "IgKnight the Future" campaign. With a goal of raising $40 million over the next decade, the campaign will focus on enhancements to our facility, endowment, and annual giving.

The McQuaid Jesuit Facility

As we look to the future, McQuaid Jesuit will focus on expanding science facilities, creating spaces for informal student learning, and strengthening the middle school program. In the fall of 2016 Phase One capital projects totaling $16 million will begin. These include the construction of a 36,000 square foot STEM Center featuring laboratories for environmental science, biology, chemistry and physics, as well as an engineering lab with workrooms for our two robotics clubs. In addition, the center will house three computer labs with additional facilities for campus ministry and student life.

Phase Two projects totaling $4 million envision creating a middle school space that supports the program's independence and autonomy, while at the same time providing access to the upper school for acceleration in studies. This phase will conclude with the total renovation of those spaces (former laboratories, campus ministry, and other offices) that used to house programs moved into the new STEM Center.

The McQuaid Jesuit Endowment

As a proud member of the Rochester community since 1954, McQuaid Jesuit offers our neighbors many unique gifts. Our most important gift is in offering a world-class Jesuit education experience to the children and grandchildren of families from over 42 school districts. McQuaid Jesuit must therefore remain within the financial reach of young men of all backgrounds. Every student, no matter where he lives, benefits from a student body rich in diversity, from a brother who is different than he. As we look to the future, McQuaid Jesuit will enhance endowment funds so all may benefit from a Jesuit education. Our goal is to raise an additional $10 million over the next ten years in support of our endowment fund.

Giving Annually to McQuaid Jesuit

As part of our IgKnight the Future Campaign, our annual giving goal is to ensure McQuaid Jesuit continues to offer the best in Jesuit education by developing quality programming and supporting faculty and staff as they deliver it. We invite you to be part of our Knights’ Council Legacy by pledging your Annual Fund gift of $1,500 or more over the next three to five years. Supporting the Annual Fund in this way will help secure the future of McQuaid Jesuit.

Help McQuaid Jesuit "IgKnight the Future!"


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