McQuaid Jesuit

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There are 21 different sports at varying levels available at McQuaid Jesuit.  See the complete list below. Please be advised that most of our Varsity-only sports are open to all grade levels.

V=Varsity, JV=Junior Varsity, F=Freshman, M=Modified (due to large numbers, some levels may offer 2 teams)


Crew (V, M - grades 7-12; also held in spring)

Cross-Country (V, JV, M)

Football (V, JV, M)

Sailing (V - grades 7-12; also held in spring)

Soccer (V, JV, M)

Volleyball (V, JV, M)

Martial Arts (V - grades 7-12)

Squash (Club - open to all grades, including 6th.  Also held in winter)