The NYSPHSAA Transfer Rule prohibits a student-athlete from competing in the sports he played the prior year unless there is corresponding changes in residency and that student-athlete enrolls in the public school of the new district or a private school located in the new district. In year's past, McQuaid Jesuit typically obtained a waiver on academic grounds, but the new Transfer Rule has eliminated the academic waiver.

The new transfer rules also clarifies what is a change in residency, stating: "For athletic eligibility, a residency is changed when one is abandoned by the immediate family and another residency is established through action and intent. Residency requires one’s physical presence as an inhabitant and the intent to remain indefinitely." This clause was specifically adopted to prevent residence changes, which were merely PO Boxes or apartments. Pursuant to NYSPHSAA interpretation, "immediate family" means the entire family must relocate to the new district, and the original residence must be "abandoned."

The new transfer rule, beginning with the 2017 – 18 academic school year, now applies to any 7th or 8th grade student who plays at the high school level and enrolls at McQuaid Jesuit as a 9th grader. For instance, if your son plays JV football or freshman basketball as a 7th or 8th grader, he cannot play any of those sports the following year at McQuaid.