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Men for OthersWelcome to McQuaid Jesuit where we develop and stretch young men, through the greater glory of God, to levels they could only imagine. McQuaid Jesuit men are committed to being challenged academically, spiritually, and through the many clubs, performing arts, and athletic programs we offer.

One of the fantastic evolutions to witness at McQuaid Jesuit are the friendships and brotherhood bonds that are forged throughout their tenure regardless of geography. There are more than 40 school districts from Monroe and five surrounding counties represented here which creates a unique geographic diversity. Friends at McQuaid Jesuit are not necessarily due to geographic sameness rather friendships that are bound tightly by praying together, working on community projects together, preparing for midterms and finals together, and participating in many of our extracurricular activities together. These bonds are what makes McQuaid Jesuit alumni friends for life.

So I welcome all young men to come and spend a day here to get a feel for the brotherhood that could last them a lifetime. It is a day that could change your life forever.

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Joseph D. Feeney
McQuaid Jesuit
Director of Admissions
Modified Football Coach


Admissions Staff


Mr. Joseph Feeney
Director of Admissions


Mr. Tony Ortega, '10
Assistant Director of Admissions 

 Vernetti Pam

Ms. Pam Vernetti
Administrative Assistant

Section V Transfer Rule for Student-Athletes