McQuaid Jesuit

In partnership with parents and teachers, the guidance department serves the personal and academic (Cura Personalis) needs of students. We are committed to the Catholic identity and Jesuit tradition which distinguish McQuaid Jesuit as a premier educational institution.

Typically, 99 percent of our students are admitted to colleges and universities as they complete their senior year.  In support of their goals, we offer a number of services in keeping with their personal and academic development.  This development includes individual counseling on personal and interpersonal matters as well as individual and group counseling on academic and career concerns.  Much of the group work is done in Freshman and Junior years where counselors meet twice a cycle in the classroom with students to deal with issues most relevant for them.  For the early grades, these issues are mainly school related; for older students, the issues relate to health and college admissions.

The counselors work in conjunction with other school professionals in seeking information useful for the well-being of each student.


Middle School

  • The counselors for the middle school help sixth, seventh, and eighth graders adjust to their new educational and social environment.  In consort with parents and teachers, the counselors enable students to:
    • Negotiate new schedule and classroom demands
    • Assess study, note, and test-taking habits
    • Handle course placement
    • Relate to peers
    • Learn responsibility

Freshman Year

  • Individual Counseling
    • Building Rapport – affirming students
    • Personal, academic, religious, and social growth
    • Future planning - 'person for others'
  • Group Guidance 
    • Transitioning to High School
    • Preparation for Fall Standardized Testing (PSAT)
    • Social Emotional Development
    • Career Exploration
    • Begin College Search
    • Academic Success and Helpful Tips
    • Substance Abuse 
    • Course Selection for Sophomore Year

Sophomore Year

  • The High School counselors will build on the student’s previous experience by:
    • Continuing to work on areas helpful to school success such as academic reviews, communication skills, study plans, and test taking strategies, including strategies useful for the PSAT and SAT exams
    • Extending thought on drug use and other teen behaviors
    • Exploring college application requirements
    • Exploring summer programs
    • Assisting in choosing courses appropriate for the students’ capabilities and goals during the course selection process
    • Assisting with the personal needs of the student

Junior Year

  • The High School counselors will direct students in a practical manner with regard to college choices and career goals, utilizing individual and group meetings.  To those ends, the counselor will:
    • Acquaint students with Naviance, a comprehensive online college and career development program complete with an interest inventory
    • Familiarize students with the contents and function of standardized testing, including PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, SAT II (subject tests), and ACT
    • Aid students in formulating their own personal criteria for college and career by employing research techniques, interest inventories, personal statistical data, and analysis of current trends relative to his choices by using several informational resources
    • Supervise the students as they further develop their personal resume
    • Assist in choosing courses appropriate for the students’ capabilities and goals during the course selection process
    • Develop a rapport with students that is conducive to personal, social, and academic development

Senior Year

  • High School counselors will focus on completing the process of selecting colleges and discerning career choices.  In that process, the counselors will:
    • Continue ongoing personal guidance with regard to the student's standardized testing results 
    • Discuss athletic guidelines for NCAA play 
    • Review student's academic progress and their college career prospects    
    • Finalize college application process
    • Revise and Complete Resume
    • Hold individual conferences to tailor college choices
    • Disseminate Scholarship Information