McQuaid Jesuit

Open House 8Providing iPads to use in a 1:1 learning environment serves to enhance each student’s overall learning experience. iPads give students the access to learn anywhere, anytime; narrows the digital divide between students; and promotes responsible use of today’s ever-changing technologies. 

All iPads are subject to the same acceptable use guidelines as all other devices on the McQuaid Jesuit network. All files, documents, and books installed on your iPad by McQuaid remain the property of the school. We reserve the right to confiscate and search a student’s iPad to ensure compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy. Middle school students are prohibited from downloading any applications onto their iPads that are not approved by the school for educational use or available in the Self Service app store. High school students are allowed to download their own applications from the Apple App Store. Applications deemed to be in violation of the values set forth by the Student Code of Conduct will be removed from student devices.

Device Maintenance Responsibilities

  • Students are required to maintain the protective case provided by the school on their iPad at all times. 
  • Only a soft cloth or approved laptop screen cleaning solution is to be used to clean the iPad’s screen.
  • To maximize battery life, students should use the sleep/wake button to turn off their iPad screen and lock the device when not in use.
  • Do not subject the iPad to extreme heat or cold (do not store in vehicles).

Safeguarding & Maintaining the iPad as an Academic Tool

  • The iPad is required to be at school every day, fully charged. Students who fail to bring a completely charged iPad to school will be considered unprepared. Should a student forget his iPad, or have low or no battery, they must accept the consequences in each class.
  • iPad malfunctions or technical issues are not acceptable reasons for failing to complete an assignment. Spare iPads will be available for sign out in the Technology Office should their be an issue. N.B. Spare iPads will not be issued to students who forget their iPad at home or who have low battery.
  • Students should backup their iPad to iTunes or iCloud on a regular basis. Assistance with configuring iPad backups will be provided by the Technology Office.
  • The iPads purchased for the program contain a considerable amount of available storage space. That being said, academic content should always take precedence over any personal files or apps.
  • Non-educational apps are strictly prohibited during class time unless an administrator or member of the faculty/staff grants permission.
  • Games are not permitted to be downloaded on iPads.
  • iPad volume is to remain on mute unless headphones are attached and/or permission is obtained from the classroom teacher.
  • Students must not use any recording capabilities of the iPad (photo/video/audio) to record any individual on school property without that individual’s express permission.
  • If an iPad is found unattended, it should be given to the nearest faculty/staff member.

Lost, Damaged or Stolen iPads

  • All students should report a non-functioning or damaged iPad to the Technology Office in person within one school day.
  • The AppleCare deductible will be covered by McQuaid Jesuit for up to two incidents of damage per iPad that is issued. Further damage costs beyond the two incidents will be billed to families.
  • An iPad that is lost or stolen should be reported immediately. Students who are unable to reach a member of the Technology Office staff should report to the Dean of Students office.
  • The Technology Office can attempt to track lost iPads through the “Find My iPad” functionality built into the device. Students should not turn this functionality off for any reason.
  • Families are responsible for the cost of replacing an iPad that is lost, stolen, or not covered under AppleCare warranty.

If you have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..