McQuaid Jesuit

Brother Guy Consolmagno SJ Talk 1

On Tuesday, October 3, McQuaid Jesuit welcomed Brother Guy Consolmagno, S.J., an American astronomer, Jesuit priest, and director of the Vatican Observatory, to speak to the entire school community. He holds a bachelor's and master's degree from MIT as well as a Ph.D. in planetary science from the University of Arizona. Since 1993, he has worked at the Vatican Observatory exploring the connections between meteorites, asteroids, and the evolution of small solar system bodies. He has spent time on all seven continents including six weeks collecting meteorites with a NASA team on the blue ice regions of East Antarctica.

Consolmagno spoke about his journey through life and how many times along the way, he had no idea what was going to happen next. He encouraged the student body to be open to new challenges as it's never known where they may lead. He also stressed the importance of making important decisions only when in a "happy place" in life and never when in a "bad place." 

He will speak Thursday, October 5 at the Strasenburgh Planetarium and will return to Rochester in March 2018 as part of Nazareth College's Shannon Lecture series.

Click here to see photos of the talk taken by Jacob Longuil, '20.