This past Sunday senior, Emmett Sheehan, joined faculty member Greg Lendeck and members of the bee conservation organization Sweet Beez, in introducing about 2,000 Italian honeybees, Apis mallifera lingustica, to McQuaid's new rooftop bee hive. This is a venture, worked on by the students in the Biodiversity Project, that has been in the works since September and thankfully has come to fruition with the support of principal Adam Baber and president Fr. Reiser.

The intention is to allow students access, via the classroom or an extracurricular, to the most visible keystone pollinator species - an indicator species - that is facing a perilous decline due to a number of interlinking variables; highlight to the Monroe County area another of McQuaid Jesuit's efforts in caring for God's creation; and provide another colony a safe space to prosper using conservation and education to support these incredible creatures we depend so much upon.

There are no plans for the school of any clubs to become honey producers. This experiment is about conservation - exploitation will need to wait. All of the honey will stay with the bees this year to allow them to become established. Perhaps a small quantity will be stolen from them next year.

to alleviate concerns, Lendeck says that no one on campus will notice an influx in bees either outside or inside the classroom. He also says anyone with a bee allergy need not be concerned.  If anyone in the community feel any personal anxiety Lendeck would enjoy meeting with you and hopefully allay any worries you may have. He also would be happy to present them to you in person if you're so inclined.

McQuaid Jesuit will welcome back members of the class of 2015 for its inaugural Young Alumni Day on Monday, January 11, 2016. It will be an opportunity for our most recent graduates to represent their college/university in a "fair-like" setting to allow current sophomores, juniors, and seniors to ask questions and gain information on schools they may be interested in attending. We believe it's a great opportunity for our current students to hear first-hand the perspective of a McQuaid graduate who recently went through the entire college transition process.

The event will take place in Keenan Hall from 10:50 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Senior Greg Heiler took a job caddying at Oak Hill Country Club to pay his tuition at McQuaid. In March, he received a letter notifying him he was the recipient of the Evans Scholarship for caddies. His room, board and tuition at the University of Kansas will be paid for as long as he keeps up his grades and keeps caddying during the summer. Click here to see the story 13WHAM-TV did on him.

HOBYCongratulations to sophomores Jack Bailey & James Schnell who will attend the University of Rochester's Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) Seminar June 2 - 4, 2017. Founded in 1958 by Hugh O'Brian, HOBY is the premier leadership program for high school sophomores. Participants learn to develop leadership skills and think critically about the issues that will impact their future.

HOBY’s mission is to inspire and develop youth to be dedicated to leadership, service, and innovation. At this seminar, Jack and James will learn skills about professional leadership, group leadership, and leadership for society. They will participate in hands-on leadership activities, meet New York State leaders, and explore their own personal leadership skills while learning how to make a positive impact in the community.

JETS 2017 trophy1In June, eight McQuaid Jesuit students will travel to Orlando, Florida to compete in the Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science (TESTS) national competition after qualifying with the best score in New York State.

TEAMS is an annual, one-day competition for middle and high school students who apply math and science knowledge in practical, creative ways to solve real-world engineering challenges. The 2017 TEAMS competition, “Engineering the Environment,” explored energy efficiency, geothermal heat pumps, and wastewater treatment. Teams were judged on the following: an essay on renewable energy for the geographic region of one’s school; a multiple choice exam based on real-world engineering scenarios; and the creation of a robotic arm scored on efficiency as well as cost. Along with having the best score in the state, it was second-best out of the 50 teams in their division nationally.

“I've very proud of our students, particularly their motivation and teamwork,” McQuaid Jesuit’s TEAMS coach and member of the science department, Bix DeBaise said. “As the coach, my role is to show them the competition requirements and point them in the right direction. The level of effort needed to succeed is completely up to them.”

The team, comprised of seniors Connor Finucane, Dallan Goldblatt, Jacob Vetere, Tom White, and juniors Dustin Coha, James Lutzke, Francis Pellegrino, and George Rogalskyj, began meeting in January to discuss strategies and review materials. Their essay on "Plasma Gasification" received a perfect score.

The national competition takes place June 21-24, 2017.

The community gathered Thursday, April 27 for the Spring Awards Ceremony in which students were recognized for their efforts in academics, athletics, arts, and community service. Below is a complete list of the awards and recipients. Click here to view photos from the assembly.

National Merit Scholarship 2016-2017 Finalists
Gavin Bloom

Commended Students
Thomas Alvermann, Nicholas Caterisano, Timothy Lupien, Andrew Molinari, Kyle Rosenthal, Deaglan Ryan

Rochester Chapter of The American Chemical Society Top 10% of Students Taking Chemistry
Jonathan Abbott, Phineas Brauer, Benjamin Buyer, Vincenzo Capezzuto, Michael Chiariello, Adam Daughton, Jason DeJesus, John DiMarco, Ryan Ford, Gabriel Gelke, Aidan Hood, Isaiah Miller, Dario Ortiz, Nathan Parish, Frederick Rion, Andrew Ritz, Matthew Schaeffer, Quinn Strassburg, Patrick Xander

Top 20% of Students taking AP Chemistry
Nathan Hwang
Mark Mang
George Rogalskyj

Best of Show in Two-Dimensional Work
Keefer Aman

Best of Show in Three-Dimensional Work
Sean Connolly

Best of Show in Middle School
Edward Hofmeister

Outstanding Art Student in High School
Christopher Draveck

Outstanding Art Student in Middle School
Shane Fetzner

Fáinne Medals for Endeavoring to Attain Fluency in the Language of Gaelic
Devin Backus, Connor Dickman, Ryan Dorgan, Kevin Fox, Laughlin Holmes, Georgio Mastrosimone, Michael Minnehan, Gordon Nelson, Daniel Rooney, William Scheuerman, Connor Short, Brady Spiehler, Vinh Tran, Conor Vonderahe, Spencer Wickens

National Italian Honor Society
Joseph Bevilaqua, Nicholas Bonfiglio, Benjamin Brydges, Dominic DiMonda,
Anthony Fina, Andrew LoCicero, Jarrett Odorisi, Alexander Reale, William Santos

95 or higher Average for four years in their study of Italian
John DiMarco, Matthew Loria, Nicholas Pierleoni, Frederick Rion

Drama Award
Andrew Molinari

John Philip Sousa Band Award
Connor Dickman

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
William Scheuerman

Percussion Award
Jared Chan

Fred Waring Director’s Award for Chorus
Louis Laniak

Eastman Award
Dillon Salluzzo

Howard Hanson Award for Excellence in Piano
Louis Laniak

Bausch and Lomb Science Award
Oliver Smith

Rensselaer Mathematics and Science Medal and Scholarship
Chase Tyler

Clarkson University Leadership Award and Scholarship
Andrew Connolly

Clarkson University Achievement Award and Scholarship
Brandon Nguyen

LeMoyne College Heights Award and Scholarship
Jacob Carey

University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award
William Harvey

University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B Anthony Award
Frank Leni

Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology
Nathaniel Brunacini

RIT 2017 Computing Medal and Scholarship
Daniel Schied and J. William Bowen

RIT Creativity and Innovation Award and Scholarship
Jacob Dambra and Sean Connolly

St. Pius X Credit Union Scholarship
Jonathan Sutton

Italian Heritage Society Scholarship
Paolo Blanchi, Vincenzo Capezzuto, Michael D'Amico, Samuel D'Amico

Lawrence Tech Excellence in Math and Science
James Lutzke

College of the Holy Cross Book Award
Nathan Hwang

St. Michael’s Book Award
Zachary Schwab

St. Anselm Book Award
Conor Palleschi

St. Lawrence University Book Award
Joshua Purcell

Assumption College Book Award and Scholarship
Ian Johnston

Alfred University School of Engineering Award
Kevin Sheppard

Bowdoin College Book Award
Brendan Kepes

Fairfield University Book Award
Frederick Rion

Elmira College Key Award and Scholarship
Alex Patterson

Dartmouth College Book Award
Tyler Bergeron

Niagara University Book Award
Brian McLaughlin

William C. Morin, Sr. Foundation Grant
Francis Pellegrino and George Rogalskyj

New York State Comptroller’s Achievement Award
Nathan Parish

Appointments to West Point
Thomas Alvermann and Matthew Blejwas

John M. Schoenberger Award for Service to McQuaid through Photography
Connor Dickman

Thomas Driscoll Scholarship
Dylan Duffy

Robert Schwartz Scholarship
Divine Williams

Scholar Athlete Awards

Alpine Skiing (Team Composite GPA – 91.957) Coach: Mr. Douglas Axtell
Andrew Bailey, Jonathan Bailey, William Bailey, Gavin Bloom, Richard Cancilla, Thomas Crocker, Jason DiMarco, John DiMarco, Ryan McCarthy, Christopher Mooney, Benjamin Stone, Max Talsania

Baseball (Team Composite GPA – 93.931) Coach: Mr. Tony Fuller
Benjamin Beauchamp, Tyler Bergeron, Matthew Blejwas, Michael Cairns, Noah Campanelli, Tyler Cyrus, Mack Duffy, Anthony Fina, Richard Gleason, Tyler Griggs, Nathan Hwang, Thomas Manno, Jarrett Odorisi, Conner Pulli, Stephen Sercu, Kevin Sheppard, Nicholas Tomei, Hunter Walsh

Basketball (Team Composite GPA – 90.111) Coach: Mr. Jack Leasure
David Berger, Patrick Broderick, Richard Brongo, Tyler Cyrus, Conor Dalton, Anthony Iglesia, Connor Kurz, Joshua Purcell, Aidan Ruppert, Nicholas Tomei, Divine Williams, Connor Zamiara

Bowling (Team Composite GPA – 93.923) Coach: Mr. Steve Pogal
Connor Dickman, Andrew Ritz, Patrick Ritz, Russell Vazzana

Cross-Country (Team Composite GPA – 94.623) Coach: Mr. Todd Stewart
Thomas Alvermann, Nathaniel Brunacini, Brendan Byrne, Ian Campbell, Nicholas Caterisano, Thomson Chew, Joseph Doerr, Bryce Gunderman, Abel Hagos, Noah Henry, Jacob Hochadel, Aidan Hood, Frank Leni, Evan Mancini, Brandon Miller, Lewis Nazarian, Oliver Nazarian, Brenton Penwarden, Kyle Rosenthal, Nicholas Schaertl, John Scherer, William Scheuerman, Matthew Schiffhauer,
Ryan Stefkovich, Conor Vonderahe, Hobart Williamson, Mackenze Williamson, Nicholas Young

Football (Team Composite GPA – 90.881) Coach: Mr. Daniel Bates
Benjamin Beauchamp, Hayden Blake, Benjamin Bogdan, Patrick Broderick, Daniel Buholtz, Michael Cairns, Alexander Delano, Sean Emmert, Anthony Fina, Timothy Fournier, Kevin Fox, Gabriel Gelke, Connor Hester, Laughlin Holmes, S. Michael Lippa, Cullen Lynch, Giorgio Mastrosimone, Alexander McNulty-Romaguera, Gordon Nelson, Nathan Parish, Michael Pavone, James Schnell, William Shanahan, Michael Vongphachanh, Hunter Walsh, Divine Williams, Zachary Zamiara, Jacob Zimmer, Jared Zito

Golf (Team Composite GPA – 92.877) Coach: Mr. Daniel Gorton
Jonathan Bailey, Craig Eichas, David Eichas, Tyler Johnston, James McCarthy, Michael Minnehan, Spencer Szachara, Quinn Tata, Joseph Zappia, Alexander Zurat

Ice Hockey (Team Composite GPA – 90.960) Coach: Mr. Al Vyverberg
Zachary Allen, Brennan Brown, Timothy Brown, Benjamin Brydges, Peter Campbell, Jared Carl, Jeevan Deol, Brady Fitzpatrick, Zachary Lee, Evan MacDougall, Sean Mandrick, Ryan McEvily, Scott Nasca, Conner Pulli, Justin Rosedale, Alexander Spoto, Christian Stone, Quinn Tata, Robert White, Alexander Zurat

Indoor Track (Team Composite GPA – 94.152) Coach: Mr. Todd Stewart
Thomas Alvermann, Lucas Anderson, Paul Appleby, Nolan Bernardi, Brandon Biju, Aidan Blake, Benjamin Bogdan, Andrew Brocklebank, Brendan Byrne, Nicholas Caterisano, Thomson Chew, Dustin Coha, Joseph Doerr, Dylan Duffy, Gabriel Gelke, Bryce Gunderman, Abel Hagos, Justin Hanna, Danyon Hobbs, Kyle Jones, John Richard Klee, Lukas Kokkinis, Maxwell Kresock, David LaBorde, Dominic Lamb, Evan Mancini, Phillip Marino, Alexander McNulty-Romaguera, Timothy Oberlies, Jarrett Odorisi, Dario Ortiz, Andrew Passero, Daniel Rooney, Christopher Ryder, John Scherer, Samrin Servas-Donohue, Ryan Sheridan, Brandon Simms, Issa Sommers, John Steele, Quinn Strassburg, Henry Trost, Michael Vongphachanh, Hobart Williamson, Yonatan Yemane, Nicholas Young, Peter Zappia

Lacrosse (Team Composite GPA – 92.469) Coach: Mr. Dan James
Jack Billitier, Benjamin Bogdan, Jacob Carey, Jonathan Catone, Thomas Crocker, Sean Emmert, Jonathan Gaglio, William Harvey, Benjamin Holdsworth, Ian Johnston, Brendan Kepes, Riley Laese, Jack Lindenmuth, S. Michael Lippa, Evan MacDougall, Alessandro Margiotta, Ryan McEvily, James Merkley, Scott Nasca, Lucas Phillips, Brian Vierhile, Nicholas Young, Zachary Zamiara

Soccer (Team Composite GPA – 91.986) Coach: Mr. Nino Pilato
Keefer Aman, Nicholas Bonfiglio, Brennan Brown, Andrew Connolly, Dominic DiMonda, Dylan Duffy, Thomas Gallina, Kevin Gearinger, Grant Kelly, Justin LaFountain, Jacob Lalonde, Andrew LoCicero, Cristofero Maenza, Daniel Malloy, Adriano Margiotta, Alexander Reale, Michael Riedman, Daniel Rooney, Ryan Sheridan

Swimming and Diving (Team Composite GPA – 91.330) Coach: Mr. Paul Guadagna
Matthew Burkhard, Thomas Burkhard, Eduardo Carbajal-Sanchez, Jacob Carey, Kevin Gearinger, Richard Gleason, Nicholas Hamilton, Aidan Hood, Julian Joseph, Douglas Marcaida, Christian Mathews, Alexandro Pashalidis, Kyle Rosenthal, Deaglan Ryan, Ezra Schultz, Henry Smith, Oliver Smith, Michael Solazzo, Jordan Sousa, Chase Tyler

Tennis (Team Composite GPA – 93.555) Coach: Mr. Bill Nealon
Brennan Brown, Ryan Buchholz, John Collins, Riley Gall, Joseph McAndrew, Anthony Palucci, Noah Redder, Jonathan Strait, Max Talsania, Quentin Tan, William Wagner

Track & Field (Team Composite GPA – 93.488) Coach: Mr. Brian Sprague
Thomas Alvermann, Nolan Bernardi, Nathaniel Brunacini, Nicholas Caterisano, Dustin Coha, Nicholas DiMarco, Joseph Doerr, Dylan Duffy, Hiran Khatri, Frank Leni, Alexander McNulty-Romaguera, Brandon Miller, Daniel Rooney, Kyle Rosenthal, John Steele, Ryan Stefkovich, Jonah Temple,
Noah Williams, Mackenze Williamson

Wrestling (Team Composite GPA – 91.795) Coach: Mr. Dante Varrasso
Matthew Blejwas, Ian Campbell, Roy John Follman, Brandon Nguyen, Josiah Redman, Ian Richards, James Schnell, Vinh Tran, Mackenze Williamson, Jared Zito

Volleyball (Team Composite GPA – 94.090) Coach: Dr. Christopher Parks
Tyler Bergeron, Jared Chan, Conor Dalton, Brady Darby, John Fischer, William Harvey, Daniel Huber, Nathan Hwang, Riley Laese, William Lynch, Michael Murphy, Matthew Noel, Conor Palleschi, Christian Pawelek, Charles Siragusa, Spencer Wickens

US Army National Scholar Athlete Award
Matthew Blejwas and Thomas Crocker

Royden Smith Jr. Memorial Award
Abel Hagos

The Fr. Wroblewski Memorial Wrestling Award
Matthew Blejwas and Mackenze Williamson

Sportsmanship Award
Timothy Fitzgerald

University Award for Excellence in Academics and Athletics
Benjamin Bogdan

2017 McQuaid Service Awards
Thomas Alvermann
Patrick Kempie
Riley Laese

Yearbook Dedication
Mr. Thomas Sprague

Thomas Shields Award
Mr. Angelo Figueroa

Teacher of the Year
Mr. Andrew Boone

Knight of the Year
Spencer Wickens

The Honor Roll for the Third Marking Period has been published.

First Honors with Distinction

First Honors

Second Honors

Senior Speech website

Standing left to right: Joe Doerr, Vinh Tran, and Conor Dalton. Sitting left to right: John Steele (first runner-up), Will Hintz (winner), and Noah Williams (second runner-up).

Congratulations to the 2017 Senior Speech Competition Winner, Will Hintz. He will receive a $1,000 college scholarship. John Steele was first runner-up and will receive a $500 college scholarship. Noah Williams was second runner-up and received a $100 Barnes & Noble gift card.  

Business Team Photo 2017Congratulations to the McQuaid Jesuit IgKnighters FIRST robotics team who won the FIRST Entrepreneurship Award at the Finger Lakes Regional tournament at RIT held March 15-18. FIRST Robotics focuses on engaging high school students in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) competencies but also includes a business element in which members produce a plan in support of the team’s long-term strategy. It includes marketing initiatives and materials, community outreach programs, and a multi-year financial plan. The award is given to the robotics team who best develops a comprehensive business plan to scope, manage, and achieve team objectives. Click here to view the team's business plan.

This year’s objective, called FIRST “Steamworks,” involved picking up large gears, delivering them to an ‘airship,’ and shooting larch whiffle balls into a goal. Teams were given six weeks to design, build, and program their robot.

The Finger Lakes Regional tournament featured 50 teams from the Northeast United States and Canada.

The team is generously supported by McQuaid Jesuit, Xylem, and Xerox, as well as several anonymous donors. The team is the inspiration behind the new Wegman Family Science and Technology Center, a new building to promote Science and Technology learning at McQuaid.

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a global organization that promotes interest in STEM. There are more than 6,000 high school teams spread across North America, Europe, and Asia who compete in regional events and a World Championship. FIRST also has other programs to inspire 4th through 12th grade students.

Congratulations to the McQuaid Speech & Debate team which placed first in the Greater Rochester area for the 2016-2017 season. Senior Joshua Beckles was selected by all the area coaches to receive the Coaches' Excellence Award, which recognizes outstanding performance as well as commitment and dedication to Speech & Debate.

J. Beckles S D

Additionally, the following students will be representing McQuaid at the National Catholic Forensic League's National championship in Louisville, KY, over Memorial Day weekend:

Daniel Backus '20, Xavier Brown '20, Payton Petkus '20, Ben Buyer '19, Kidane Malik '19, George Rogalskyj '18, Joshua Beckles '17, Nicholas Cottrell '17, Kyle Gateson '17, Max Heisig '17, Will Hintz '17, and Louis Laniak '17.

SD team photo at NCFL quals